Astral Travel and Healing

I was given some instructions about astral travel for myself and young people too.

Paul said

Soul travel, astral travelling, light travelling, can be done anywhere any time, during dentistry, unpleasant experiences, and illness or at the moment of death.

There is nothing spiritual about soul travel. You’re just using a natural skill that everyone uses at night when they sleep. It’s what you do with it when you’ve got it that is the spiritual part. When you are young you can mess about with it. It’s fun!

You can do this at any time, even while watching TV or in class.

This is how you do it.

First practise lifting. Lift everything up behind the eyes. Get that feeling of pulling up all your body behind your eyes. I call it getting out through the eyes. Lift and drop Lift and drop. Relax the muscles of your eyes and behind the eyes. Hold Lift. Hold Relax.

Lift and hold and relax. Lift, hold and relax. Practice holding the lift.

Hold and relax. Relax your body. Don’t drop your attention down into it. Hold. Hold. Hold.

Now go to sleep. As you go into sleep you will pop out maybe with the whoosh, snap or as light jerk.

Once you hold the lift you will be able to feel yourself rocking or swaying.

Try to let go into sleep and remain conscious. Don’t force it. You might have to practise many times. It is not dangerous.

Remember to relax your body. Learn to hold the lift even if you have to scratch your nose or change or position.

When you finally get out you might not be able to see anything. That will be your next lesson when you have mastered this first one.

Salaam Paul

I don’t think I ever mastered the first lesson. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

I eventually became quite skilled in going out by myself and practised anywhere – though I have not been successful at the dentist!

Again from my records I quote –

Once, though, when I was practising going out, I suddenly found myself inside a bird cage on a table in an unknown house. Frustratingly, the owner walked over and covered the cage with a cloth, plunging me into darkness! I had to start all over again.

I do use my skill whilst healing. Eventually, when Sheel left me, I became aware of  a large white-robed being on my left when I work at healing. The robes are not cloth, but a flowing of exquisite light. The being is male and I see him as long haired – again simply light flowing around his head. I have great trust and love for this being who instructs me on what to do if I am unsure (which is usually!). He often does healing in my place. Sometimes I am aware of a whole healing team of light beings around me.

I cause them great mirth at my inadequate attempts at needlework when I have had to stitch up a torn section of the light body, or sieve out grey places with a golden sieve which is handed me. In fact this is something we develop very often for most of us collect stands of worry, fear and doubt that we store in our Auras. When I pass people through this golden sieve these dark strands collect up in the bottom of the sieve. They are transmuted by me or my healing angels to silver light so the energy can be recycled positively.


5 thoughts on “Astral Travel and Healing

  1. Stitching up a light body! That took me straight back to a time when I was guided to do very delicate repair work with golden thread on a soul that had been severely damaged in the Orion wars. It took place over many nights during the person’s sleep – he was totally unaware consciously but had agreed to the repair at soul level. I accountable to and reported directly to God on the work. He was the Overseer and Director, along with a team of Angels who supported and helped me.

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  2. Awesome! I love it how you describe the “lift and hold and relax” technique. I’ve been working with astral travel techniques for nearly a year and haven’t had a conscious travel as yet. Although I had a funny moment a couple of nights ago. I rolled over to the left side of the body, got comfy by adjusting myself, etc… and then realised I needed to go to the toilet… and when moving my physical body I was laying on the right hand side! So, I was in my astral body rolling over in my sleep. Gah! If only I could be conscious during that moment so I could lift up. I’ll try the lift and hold and relax every night now. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Sorry Carmen that it took so long for me to acknowledge your comment. Thank you for it. Very interesting. There are a lot of techniques out there on the Internet. Robert Bruce uses the ‘rope technique’ where you visualise holding onto a rope and pulling yourself up. Check it out….


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