My Paul journeys

3rd April

This afternoon I went out. I went to Paul’s house with Victoria (my little white dog). He has an immense white shaggy dog with curly hair and also a monkey that he’s looking after for other people who are still alive. Paul has a most magnificent marble slab table which rests on a massive conch shell. I saw his face. He has wondrous eyes full of light. He seems to live in a home constructed in a rock face. The lounge area simply opens out to the air with sweeping views down a wondrous valley. On the rock wall at the back he has his own waterfall which trickles down into a rock basin fringed with ferns. The monkey startled me by leaping onto my shoulder and I picked Victoria up in case the immense white dog Paul called ‘Pewie’ attacked her.

Paul took me ‘out’ to see an astral Hollywood. I saw James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Errol Flynn, and Rock Hudson. They have a movie colony in the astral too and they give shows in theatres. The stars live very busy lives doing the things that gave them pleasure in their lifetimes. I would have liked to see Marilyn Monroe!

This place also has museums he tells me though I haven’t seen this.

I also saw a place where emotionally tortured beings are. I didn’t like it. I asked to go home.

4th April

Paul’s table is onyx he says with conch shell legs. I saw Pewie, the dog, again. I saw the rainbow tunnel that leads to his library where I noticed what could have been a marble bust of Aristotle on a plinth, and also a Greek statue. There was the waterfall again, and outside there were two free standing Greek columns and two half columns carved in the mountain. Quite stirring. Really amazing. Breathtaking!

6th May

I went out consciously without Paul to see my sister in England. She was wearing a dressing gown and writing something on her lap in bed in a blue and turquoise bedroom. The chairs in her lounge were also bluish – but covered with sheets or cloths, some loose fabric or something similar.

I also went to America. I saw my friend LK there. She lives in a double story modern home with vertical lines – a Mexican type or modern house. I saw her very thin in a white top and multicoloured belt. Her hair was in a short ponytail.

Her husband was very grey and much older than I remember. In the lounge were colours of burnt orange, browns and lots of copper and brass. The bedroom was decorated in greens.

I went out with Paul as well. He showed me the fountains in Geneva and Lake Geneva. He says the Rhone River feeds the lake.

Then I saw my own house with a huge white light about it and me lying on my bed as if sleeping there.

7th May

I was out with Paul. I saw the Cathedral in Florence. We were inside the dome of the roof the Rotunda. There was a beautiful crucifix there. I saw a duck and goat kissing on golden doors. There were exquisite golden doors.

Then he took me to an unknown town where there were awnings over shops, lots of carving, and Romeo’s (Romeo and Juliet) house. It had a front door straight onto the street.

Tonight I visited more R’s with Paul. So far, I have been to Rhone River, Rotunda in Florence Romeo’s house, Rotherhithe in London docks, dark water, lapping, boats Rotorua in New Zealand thick brown boiling mud

I also was taken to the source of a river in South America – the Orinoco because it is the most peculiar river in the world – it flows in two directions he said. I suppose river begins with “R” too?

14th May

Tonight I went with Paul to somewhere in Africa. There was a dead body lying sprawled at my feet. I saw it had been flayed. It revolted me. The body was that of a black man, but where his skin had been pulled off his back he was pink with coagulated blood around the edges of his skin. I saw burning buildings and huts and an abandoned train. The electrical station was the most modern building there but Paul said it wasn’t working! There were small scrubby thorn trees and a smoky haze in the air. I was horrified. I asked to go home. It was my final “R” – Rwanda.

As I write this in 2006, I have broadband and the Internet. It is easy to check facts.
The Rhone does indeed feed Geneva Lake. The Rotunda in Florence has Ghiberti’s golden doors on the baptistery Romeo’s house simply stands on the street Rotherhithe in London is a dock area Rotorua are steaming pools and mud springs in New Zealand
And the Orinoco flows north AND east!


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