Where is The Place of Angels now?

The physical building, our home that became The Place of Angels, still exists. It went through a healing crises of its own. People bought the building after we left and several families moved in. They painted the whole building bright turquoise! It became scruffy and derelict of love.

But, there was a website kept for many years by me, that told the story and thanked the people who worked there. The website tried to continue the love. Eventually, basic information and downloadable books, was archived at The Place of Angels.Google sites. It is still there. I published books telling the story, and I have a few left – in a cupboard somewhere.

So The Place of Angels went on.

After my Kundilini arousal, I was tuned in and very sensitive for about twelve years, but then my connection gradually faded. I did a lot of work, without charge, here in the UK up until then.

So The Place of Angels only exists because I keep it going in spirit by blogging about it here. HOWEVER! It’s strange how the universe unfolds.

The old turquoise house was bought by a company and has been transformed into a centre after all. They have done it so beautifully and sensitively that our whole family have been delighted by it.

So the physical buildings are beautiful now – extended with great taste and it’s a proper active and very elegant ‘ centre’. It gives me, how do they say?, the warm fuzzies when I look at photos of it.

But I have never been back.



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