To the worried spiritual – is Ascension real?

I don’t know about Ascension as described as it is on numerous websites, and channelled by all sorts. I’m unable to accept it. It does not fit with what I know, Ascension as is put about by those who believe it, is threatening. It makes many well intentioned people “spiritually worried”.  I think it’s a … More To the worried spiritual – is Ascension real?

Invisible health

Orthodox medicine seems unable to explain why, with all its skill, it is not able to overcome many diseases, and it might notice, eventually, that the people who are the healthiest are those who use holistic, complementary and alternative methods of health and ways of life that make them happy and keep them well.

Meditation naturally

I have different ideas on meditation. I believe we can fall into meditative states in all sorts of ways. We don’t have to burn incense, cross our legs in the lotus position, sit in a circle, set crystals, or chant. These things do help certainly. But some people, are just able to meditate, naturally.  I wrote … More Meditation naturally