Astral Travel and Healing

I was given some instructions about astral travel for myself and young people too. Paul said Soul travel, astral travelling, light travelling, can be done anywhere any time, during dentistry, unpleasant experiences, and illness or at the moment of death. There is nothing spiritual about soul travel. You’re just using a natural skill that everyone … More Astral Travel and Healing

The Place of Angels – Julie (two) the snake

After many faxes, we visited Norman and Julie as arranged on their farm. Our visit to the farm with Sister Haines, our friend and helper at The Place of Angels, culminated in suggestions of blood transfusions for Julie at the nearest hospital. There had been discussion suggesting setting up a personal transfusion at the farm … More The Place of Angels – Julie (two) the snake

The Place of Angels – red energy – meat (two)

When Julie first came to me,  (as usual referred by a doctor passing a ‘terminal’ person to me) she had gone through all sorts of rigorous cleansing diets, detoxes, and strenuous meditational visualisations and physical regimes. She was a strict vegetarian. The first thing Sheel said was “This woman needs lots of good STEAK!” I … More The Place of Angels – red energy – meat (two)