Exposing my disagreement about discouragement

Today, someone shared with me a supposingly uplifting concept. It was the phrase “the laziness of discouragement” with laziness being the active word. Now I don’t believe that laziness has got anything to do with discouragement. The word laziness implies we are too not bothered to get ourselves out of discouragement. Discouragement, for me, indicates … More Exposing my disagreement about discouragement

Post to follow

I posted something for my site Gentle Ignition on this page by accident yesterday. I don’t know how to delete this post, so I changed the title to “post to follow” and left a blank page. It was interesting. Within seconds, I received notifications that many people “liked” my post. But it was a blank … More Post to follow

Love your life

This morning, as I lay between sleep and alertness, I remembered that when Sheel clairaudiently taught me in the eighteen months  of my lessons, she finished every one by saying “Love your life!”. That was the hardest lesson of all. I don’t think I’ve learned it yet, but I am understanding it more. It’s hard … More Love your life

Bruno Gröning purity at The Place of Angels and less ‘purity’ at The Place of Angels

(There is a film about Bruno on my Gentle Ignition site) Please read about Bruno Gröning here on Wikipedia  And this is more information – “Bruno Groening, born in 1906 in Danzig, was a simple workman who moved to Western Germany as a refugee after World War II. Before the war he had various occupations: … More Bruno Gröning purity at The Place of Angels and less ‘purity’ at The Place of Angels