The power of Christmas

What a vast thing Christmas time has become. It’s celebrated by almost everyone, whatever their religion. I think Christmas is just “a nice time” where people are friendlier, more amiable, less picky, more generous. So, even if the original message – the story of Jesus’s birth is completely forgotten or unknown, Christmas is happy event … More The power of Christmas

Becoming angels

I wrote what Sheel was telling me…. The earth is a consciousness manifest. Since the industrial revolution, mankind has been distorting the electromagnetic spectrum, which creates both the earth and him. He is thinning the aura of the earth and his own with the invisible bands of artificially produced electromagnetic light that affects all the … More Becoming angels

All about Yellow

The colour of light affects the spiritual and the physical. The physical, we can say, is the body and all material things. The spiritual aspect is the mind, thought, imagination and consciousness which you cannot see but which nobody doubts exists.

All about Red

The colour of light is a vibration like the rest of Creation. It has an effect on two aspects of the human condition, the spiritual and the physical.