Me and Sheel

My name is Elizabeth. But not Elizabeth Sheel. Sheel is the name of my teacher, my guru that taught me for eighteen months about light and healing with it, and how I could learn to be happy. Sheel taught me clairaudiently. I absorbed so much of her teaching that I’m not sure where Sheel begins that isn’t me. Maybe we are the same? Maybe in my amazing final experience (see my Spiritual Emergency page) I downloaded so much into my brain and understanding, that I became One.

This blog is about me now – what I understand now – not then, not in any state of unusual consciousness or mystical state.

Any wisdom I have has been added to by my life experiences, which have been many, and old age.

I might seem arrogant in thinking anyone might be interested in what I think. But I’ll take that chance!

My old website for The Place of Angels contains downloadable books as to how my life was then.