Paul and his little white dog

Paul – the guy who used Urine Therapy for his cancer, had had an extraordinary experience with a psychic. Some years previous to moving in to The Place of Angels, he had tried to commit suicide by connecting a hose pipe to the exhaust of his car which he parked in a remote spot.

He sat in the back seat with his little white dog called Lucky on his lap quietly awaiting death. Unfortunately, or fortunately however you might construe it, a passer by found the car with the occupants ‘dead’ in it and called the police.

Paul was not dead and the medical team eventually resuscitated him. He was already in a depressed state and when he came into his life again, he learned that his companion, love and delightful pet had died. It took him years to recover from the guilt and loneliness.

In an effort to find some meaning to it all, he made an appointment to see a psychic in the local town. They did not know each other. Paul took along a tape recorder which he started as soon as the session began.

The psychic asked to hold his watch.

Paul was blown away by what the psychic told him and asked me to listen to the session on tape. I listened to the tapes and the psychic said something like ““Before we begin, I just have to tell you that you have a small white dog sitting at your feet. It came in with you. And its name is Lucky”.”

With that, the whole session became delayed for a long time while Paul sobbed in grief with the psychic comforting him.