The Crayfish story

We lived near the Coast. I never took money for my services, but sometimes I accepted “gifts” – especially if they would feed us.

Once, after working with a chap, who turned out to be a surfer, and who offered me money which I wouldn’t accept, he said “Come out to my car with me.” So I did. He opened the boot/trunk and dug around amongst all sorts if diving gear.

He handed me the scruffiest, old plastic bag – one from a local shop. It was peppered with tiny holes and torn in places. It was a most unattractive wrapping for the “gift” he wanted to give me. Inside were six huge crayfish – well we used to call them crayfish – but they were lobsters really. He’d just caught them. I wonder if he missed his feast? But we ate like Kings despite our poverty. HE became our healer!

Abundance comes in all forms – and it’s usually fun.