The falling off a swing story

Children have wonderful imaginations which can work to their advantage when it comes to feeling ‘well’. Adults lose the ability to use this skill. But it’s a vital personal survival tool – and society will only progress when it allows ‘Imagination’.

Once I was visiting a friend, chatting in the kitchen over coffee and a fag. Suddenly her little girl let out a howl and we rushed out into the garden to find she’’d fallen off the swing. She lay on the grass stunned and winded. As soon as she caught her breath, I sat next to her and we imagined that she looked like a wonderful sort of rainbow.

““Look!”” I said “”You’v’e got a fountain of light shooting up, up out of the top of your head!””

“”You’ have another one coming out of your forehead! You look like a magical unicorn with a dark blue horn.””

““Oh, look at the blue light coming out of your throat – and the green fountain on your chest. Make it big and beautiful so we can see it better please!””

““Now look here””, – I indicated her waist. ““Here’’s golden yellow, and you’’ve got a lovely orange light shining from your tummy. You’re almost a WHOLE rainbow!””

““Mmmm”” I pretended to be confused. ““I think I’’ve forgotten a colour. Now what could it be I wonder?””

““It’s RED!”” she shouted.

““Oh, yes, of course! I wonder what part is red?”

““It’s my LEGS! I’’ve got red legs!””

With that, she jumped up on her strong red legs and clambered back on the swing to play happily again.