The man who denied himself

I have found that many people on a spiritual path deny the red energy or base energy centres. For some reason self denial becomes spirituality. There is in spirituality, self discipline not self denial, which is a completely different thing.

Some of the sickest people who came to me were following strict regimes of exercise, meditation, diet or behaviour. They were so busy trying to be ‘good’ they had forgotten that the body needs feelings of pleasure and delight to signal its cells to be well.

Most human beings repress the sensual life because it is the most observable and has the quickest backlash if abused. Your wife will leave you if you sleep around. If you drink too much constantly, then life becomes a mess. If you eat too much you might become overweight. If you solve problems by dishing out physical violence, you will be curtailed by the law – or someone bigger than you!

If you souse yourself in red energy, you become quickly spoilt – it even shows on the face of someone who has done a big mileage.

One day a man came to me with an inflamed and swollen foot. The doctor hadn’t helped it. He complained that he hated life and this world and that this was his last incarnation and he was gritting his teeth to make as much progress as possible so that he’d never have to come back here.

I didn’t know if he would follow the advice that my angel gave him which was to go for a full body massage and consciously enjoy it, but he came back the following week with shining eyes and vital energy. He had had a full body massage with an aroma therapist and had booked appointments for more. His foot was much better and he’d realised that if he went on hating his life – he was sure to incarnate again – so his conclusion was that he must learn to enjoy it instead – because that might be the lesson of his present life.

I hope he had sex too!