The snake in my healing room story

I saw Julie on the 31st January at my clinic and noted how well she looked. She had just had a blood transfusion, due to the pressure on her by her friends and husband who believed that some things about modern western medicine were good and helpful – blood transfusions being one of the good things. But Julie wanted nothing to do with any of it. She was determined to heal herself, by herself.

I remembered the day she came, because Julie was on the bed and I walked in to get her up and saw a snake on the floor beside the healing bed.

I said to her “Don’t move Julie, but there’s a snake on the floor. Just lie still.”

She half sat up, and in my concern for her, my shock and offence at finding a snake in the room, and wondering what I was to do next and trying to get her off the bed, I lost sight of the snake (we both saw it because she sat up to look). We ransacked the whole place when she had gone, and never found it.

I thought about the snake and it’s affect on ME. At that moment, I was horrified, upset, invaded, threatened, and my sacred place seemed to have been violated.

Because I did not want Julie to feel the same, I researched the symbolism of the snake and faxed my results to her. One of our staff, a Zulu woman, suggested the snake was a vision from God. I asked her what God meant by it. She turned her eyes away and wouldn’’t answer me.

I suggested to Julie that it might have been an illusion and I wondered if it had been. I had tried to identify it by its little heart shaped head but found no snake in our area like that. The snake I suggested to Julie was an ancient symbol of healing also found on the Caduceus.

But I think the Zulu woman knew better.