Sai Baba

Sai Baba was indeed at Whitefield. And something was looking after us. We arrived on little tuk-tuks (auto rickshaws) at the gate of Whitefield where David simply walked in and asked for a family room for us. In half an hour we were lying on our ashram beds, recovering from an exhausting trip. We soon … More Sai Baba

Dreadful night

These posts are about my spiritual crises. By the end of the final week my husband must have been a very worried man. I had no suspicion that any kind of spiritual experience might be happening to me. On the evening of the 9th September, I became very ill. I began to feel uncomfortable with … More Dreadful night

Giving my stuff away – leave all and follow me

Anyone lucky enough to have been allowed to go through a spiritual emergency without getting into the clutches of the psychiatric services will have a much better chance of making it meaningful to themselves – which is the only thing that is important, and become whole again. As I have shown you, there are new … More Giving my stuff away – leave all and follow me

Spiritual Emergency

I believe that Spiritual Emergency, psychosis, Kundilini raising can be a positive thing. However terrible, it can have a transforming effect. Here are some ideas I wrote…. There is a changing attitude to what is called a spiritual emergency – more and more people are experiencing it and psychologists are investigating this aspect of human … More Spiritual Emergency

My spiritual crises

At first I was well, vigorous, and enthusiastic. I shared my clairaudient spiritual lessons from Sheel and my experiences with my husband who read every word of my notes. I would pass them onto him daily, and eventually he dictated them back to me so that I could do the tedious job of getting them … More My spiritual crises

A smack from Sheel

During healing sessions I have been into people’s internal organs. The heart is a terrifying place – very loud – pulsating, quivering and then contracting suddenly and unexpectedly with a frightening roar. A leg ulcer looks as if it has been torpedoed with destructed tissue dangling about the roof and walls – impossible to join … More A smack from Sheel

My Paul journeys

3rd April This afternoon I went out. I went to Paul’s house with Victoria (my little white dog). He has an immense white shaggy dog with curly hair and also a monkey that he’s looking after for other people who are still alive. Paul has a most magnificent marble slab table which rests on a … More My Paul journeys