A bit about me

I have always loved writing. I had a while in my life writing articles for a magazine in South Africa. I taught in  schools, and at the end of my career, I taught adults in factories in South Africa.

I had a strange experience which started spontaneously in my fifties which, in the East, is called Kundalini raising, and in the West, mental illness.  For me, it was a totally positive transition from a non spiritual person, to one that knows we are all multidimensional creatures in a multidimensional universe. Things called supernatural are just the way things work.

As insight flowed into my consciousness, I wrote.

After my opening up, I went through about ten years of heightened psychism.  I had out of the body journeys, precognitions and used these skills in spiritual healing, without charge. Strange synchronisations occurred. Mystical writing and stories poured out of my pen, unasked. Eventually, my hundreds and thousands of words were transferred to a computer. They are dense with spiritual knowledge.

A lot of my writing is about light – the use of light in healing. Not spiritual healing, though there are many words about my understanding of the energy centres, or chakras as people call them, but my understanding of light was that it could heal physically and that we humans were affected by light in ways not yet discovered. Also, that light would be used by medicine in an array of healing and diagnostic methods. And so it has turned out to be,

I have used physical light for healing since then. When I say physical light, I mean frequencies that come out of a light source and shine on us.

So my mental illness has been the one most marvellous aspect of my life. I was very lucky that my family allowed my opening up to develop without calling for psychiatrists or psychologists to “fix” me. The reason why they “allowed” was that in Africa, Sangomas (Shamans) are called in a similar way, and our Indian friends recognised the uncoiling serpent in me – the Kundalini rising.

On my extension blog Gentle Ignition I share some of my writings and the writings of others that inspire me and confirm my ideas, which in this very barren atheistic world, are getting harder and harder for educated people to accept.


The Place of Angels


8 thoughts on “A bit about me

  1. We speak the same language Elizabeth. Many like you, have come to this path through traumas and life challenges that have brought about a dramatic awakening. Others like myself have walked a life long path of learning that has led to questioning conventional and traditional values, beliefs and religions. For me it has led me to a deeply satisfying and profound personal relationship with Spirit that is outside of the construct of organised religion. I looked forward to exploring more of your blog 🙂

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  2. I have a question: I had a deep awakening about 20 months ago, and ever since I’ve been extremely fatigued/depressed/sick-ish. Doctors have diagnosed it as chronic lyme disease, yet I cannot shake the deep knowing that nothing is wrong,and that nothing needs to be treated nor could be. It’s neither fatigue nor depression nor sickness, yet it feels like all three. I am completely in the present moment at all times, with no “self” in the head, yet it feels like a heavy kind of suffocation… Constant for the past 20 months. I’ve read that awakening starts the process of dissolving ego/pain structures, which causes this. And “ascension” processes and “light-body integration” “incubation period” are terms thrown around a lot, which weirds me out a little. I know many enlightened people have gone through years of depression, but this id different. There is no unhappy story or even thought. Just this extreme fatigue/depressed-feeling. Any thoughts?
    Also, I’d love to know what you think about these few articles on the physical “awakening/ascension” process: http://www.truedivinenature.com/EnergyUpdateJuly2015.htm

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  3. You have a great website Elizabeth, I am so grateful that Raili at Soul gifts has led me to you. 😇

    I understand completely how Ethan feels in his comment above, I have been spiritual almost all of my life but the last few years I have had such an outpouring of spiritual writing, poems, paintings. I’ve had scares of cervical cancer which turned out to be polyps. Trouble with my throat which ended up with being diagnosed with having Barrettes Oesophagus. Now I have liver problems which was diagnosed a non alcoholic fatty liver disease with ongoing scans in a few weeks. All of which have been in the last three years. I had read about the kundalini awakening about a year ago because I thought that maybe these illness had to be removed to purify my body if that makes sense!

    I will enjoy reading all what you have written, thank you.

    Elaine 🌹

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