My “Just take a PILL!” story

People came to try our colour room. I became quite practised in changing the light and the white room glowed with such brilliance I have not seen anything like it anywhere else.

A treatment consisted of relaxing on a comfortable white couch in the light of all the windows I’’d left unblocked. I could make all sorts of wonderful colours by sliding pads into the window frames to mix the colour flooding in through the coloured stained glass panes.

I myself used to pop in at every opportunity for a quick fix in my own light room in my spare moments.

Once when I popped into my little clinic and lay down in indigo light to ‘fix’ my headache during a very busy day – Sheel came through to me and as she often did there. This time she asked very scornfully ““What are you DOING ?!””

““I’’m fixing my headache!”” I answered.

““Well, why don’t you just take a PILL? she snapped.

So I did.

I learned that sometimes we need something more appropriate than lying in Indigo light for twenty minutes. At certain times some healing methods are better than others whether they be conventional or holistic.