A smack from Sheel

During healing sessions I have been into people’s internal organs. The heart is a terrifying place – very loud – pulsating, quivering and then contracting suddenly and unexpectedly with a frightening roar. A leg ulcer looks as if it has been torpedoed with destructed tissue dangling about the roof and walls – impossible to join … More A smack from Sheel

My Paul journeys

3rd April This afternoon I went out. I went to Paul’s house with Victoria (my little white dog). He has an immense white shaggy dog with curly hair and also a monkey that he’s looking after for other people who are still alive. Paul has a most magnificent marble slab table which rests on a … More My Paul journeys

Journeys out

My information was always given to me claireaudiently, so as I pointed out in Conversations in a Cupboard none of my invisible friends/contacts could be visually checked and even if I’d seen Paul, some beings from other dimensions have the skill to shape shift so how would I have known who he was? All these … More Journeys out

The Place of Angels – Julie (two) the snake

After many faxes, we visited Norman and Julie as arranged on their farm. Our visit to the farm with Sister Haines, our friend and helper at The Place of Angels, culminated in suggestions of blood transfusions for Julie at the nearest hospital. There had been discussion suggesting setting up a personal transfusion at the farm … More The Place of Angels – Julie (two) the snake