The David Icke story

One day I was in the centre and there was a knocking at the door.

Standing on the veranda stood the most beautiful blonde-haired shining-eyed man. He simply radiated light.

He had come to talk to me as he was visiting South Africa from the UK to research information he needed and was staying nearby where he was meeting Credo Mutwe (a renowned South African mystic).

He wanted to know why we had made The Place of Angels. At that time I was slightly unsure myself as to whether it was on some extraterrestrial coordinate or whether it was Sai Baba’s place,– or Sheel’’s place, or mine!

I explained to him about the voice in my head – and my vision of a healing centre. I saw his eyes loose interest and even though we stood on the veranda for about half an hour chatting, he would not come in for coffee or tea and said he must urgently get back to where he was staying.

Some time later, a friend loaned us a book called Robot’s Rebellion by a man called David Icke – and when I turned it over to read the blurb on the back – lo and behold there, was my beautiful man!