Notes from the other side – two mansions

In June, I received the last message from my mother. Unfortunately, an event happened that put a stop to our communication. I’ll tell you about that.

The information from my mother is contained in posts called “Notes from the other side” except for the first one which is called “Crossing over”.

8th June 2002 Two Mansions

I can only speak about what I know.

The here and now is made with the mind. Each person learns to create with their own mind, clothe themselves, and locate themselves by their liking of something.

But the mansions are created by the minds of groups who have passed through here and as each new arrival enters the here and now it is all there as a co-creation of a whole group of minds. The here and now is a vast place consisting of many mansions.

When people find the work they like doing, they are able to go into other mansions where they assist in education, medical work or inspirational work. The two areas in this mansion of Learning are the Arts and the Sciences, which are closely interlinked – this area being all about education.

I have explored only a fragment – whatever the mind can imagine – there is a section of this area devoted to the study of it. I have not been yet to the halls of Horticulture, but I would like to. It seems that one enters the Halls by invitation. The depths of one’s desire to see and know encourages the drawing near of a guide who then takes one to the place.

I am not floating around disembodied but in a real place with physical substance – or so it seems to me. There is activity everywhere if you want it, and if you don’t, you go home to the place that you have constructed for yourself to dwell in. One may rest there as long as one likes to.

I am acquiring things. There ARE what could possibly be called “shops” where one can purchase things that have been created by someone else. The money used is the liking of the other persons vision of the thing and the ability to look after and care for it. Otherwise it falls to ruin. The way one looks after someone else”s creation is to renew their vision with one”s own admiration of it. If you cease to notice it,  it dissipates. I have lost a good many things too!

There are Halls of Trade and Industry which study Commerce and Money. Or is it Halls of Commerce and Money that study Trade and Industry? I’m not sure. They are in the area of the Sciences as are the Halls of Horticulture.

This is a mansion of bustle and activity, but they are not all like this. Some mansions are of inactivity where the people simply live in their being of joy and all its shades, or of self-pity and all its shades as the case may be. People are drawn to them by their liking of the same. I think that would bore me.

I am awake, vital, stimulated and happy.


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