The Place of Angels – Julie (one)

I am going to tell you over the next couple of posts, the saddest story.

It’s the story of Julie.

But it reflects the stupidity of people who will not use ‘conventional’ medicine for dangerous medical conditions where it obviously is successful

This is the story of Julie who was diagnosed with cervical cancer – one of the easiest cancers to treat via modern medicine.

It comes from The Place of Angels book. (free PDF)

Doctors seemed to send me their patients when they were terminally ill. Dr P sent me a woman called Julie who had cancer of the cervix. Altogether it was an uncomfortable time. I was completely out of my depth, and furthermore had no confirmation of any kind from my angels that she would live. In fact in every message there were intimations of death.

I had just been taught ‘Radioils’ – (see back of book) and so her overweight old dog Blackie became a weight loss ‘guinea pig’ for me. Julie’s husband Norman was fascinated with the healing properties of sound and I with light so he set up a light on a stand that he called Raptor because it looked like a bird of prey. I found it a scary name, and he treated Julie with sound.

Julie had chosen not to have surgery for her cancer. She was already being treated by a proper homeopathic doctor. I wondered whether she feared surgery? She wanted to avoid painful treatment, or take a gentle path? Or was she courageously trying another way to heal herself? I never knew, but she has always weighed heavily on my conscience. I think, had we not become involved and eventually, through a medical sister who worked with us, got her having transfusions and then some kind of radiation treatments at a big hospital in Durban, she might have died peacefully the first time we went up to their farm. I think we should have left well alone!

Julie’s husband Norman tried to put her in a healing environment that was gentle and loving, but my opinion now is that we need to be careful not to be too ‘gentle’ with aggressive medical conditions that are being successfully treated with orthodox surgery. I think we need to work with a whole healing team including medical doctors. They too are healers. We need all the supportive companion therapies that, to me, is ‘holistic’.

Norman took all the weight of Julie’s discomfort and pain on his own shoulders. He nursed her well. He tried to put in place the perfect healing surroundings. Here is an account of his day. You will see for yourself it’s too taxing and not realistic. Remember in South Africa at that time there was no respite care or assistance physically or financially.

Fax to The Place of Angels From the Farm

Dear Liz,

I am sorry I have been so silent for some time. Things have been really hectic and I’m struggling to keep it all together.

Julie needs an incredible amount of attention and requires everything to be of a certain standard. The level of assistance that I have from the house maids (farm workers) is not of a very ‘conscious’ standard and therefore I am constantly having to be behind them as well. I also do not have the time to train them to be ‘conscious’ at the moment. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m feeling it’s really hard to keep it all together and I don’t know where to find someone to help me to do so.

Julie is improving slowly every day. Her strength is gradually building up. She hasn’t been bleeding for about five days which has been great.

This is her routine for the day. When she wakes she has a red light on her neck for fifteen minutes. Thereafter I play three g notes at her throat followed by a high c above her head. This I do three times. It seems to help the dizzy spells and incredible pain in her neck. Then she relaxes and after breakfast has a bath followed by a red light on her base chakra for 20 minutes with c notes on the base chakra. This is followed by fifteen minutes of the yellow/green on her midriff and f note over her heart chakra.

She then spends some time outside under the umbrella on clear days. When she returns inside I use strengthening intervals – sequences of three soundings of each of the three following intervals c – c, c – f, c – d. I use the strengthening intervals three times a day. The rhythm of the three aligns one to the rhythms of the saints and blessed souls, the awakening of the inner child and optimism. The rhythm of nine is the one that aligns one to all healing energies, overcomes pessimism and a feeling of being hurt. It is the rhythm of at – one – ment.

After lunch she has a good rest. At about 4 p.m. we repeat the strengthening intervals.In between I play some more g’s and c’s for her neck. At six she has another dose of red and c and green and f. 810 (sic) at two or so she has the last of the strengthening intervals for the day.

All in all it’s a full day. But when you are the one just lying there, feeling uncomfortable and in pain and weak, it’s not fun at all.

She needs to talk to people. We don’t often have visitors to distract her. The last few days we’ve had our friend T from Capetown, who has been giving her Reiki treatments which have helped an enormous amount. He is also great company for her. His presence gives me the chance to go to town and get the shopping done as well as doing the important parts of my farming work.

Today I had a bad day. I was up in the night with a bad headache and only got over it at about lunch time thanks to T’s Reiki. Julie can feel my mood in my attitude towards the chores that have to be carried out. She thinks I resent it all. Sometimes it gets me down I must confess, but what I think is not important here, what’s important to her and me is that she gets strong again. However long that takes that’s how long we all have to carry on with it.

She struggles with the pain and discomfort. Nobody said it was ever going to be easy. What keeps me going in the bad patches is the absolute knowledge that in the end she will be over and past it and well and strong for the future. She is being reborn and that as all women know far better than I, is a painful process. I just wish that I were better able to cheer her up and amuse her.

I’m learning all sorts of new things, maybe that’s something else to learn. I have never really been a great chatterer.

We would welcome you in our cottage for the weekend. It is available to you all whenever you can get away. Please remember that.

Blackie (their dog that I was treating with Radioils) is prancing around like a young thing these days. She is even getting a new shining black coat that gave her her name, to replace the old brown faded hair. She hasn’t lost any weight that I can notice, but she certainly is perkier.

It’s late now so I’ll fax this in the morning!
Love to you all


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